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Vol 9 (2013): Autumn A case of exceptionally sized cutaneous horn in Alpine chamois? Abstract   PDF
Chiara Lorenzetti, Luca Corlatti
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn A contribution to the study of cardiac pathology in Wild boar (Sus scrofa) Abstract   PDF
F. Guarda, E. Macchi, U. Gallo Orsi, W. Mignone, G. Durante, V. Dini, A. Perrone
Vol 14 (2022) Alpine marmot calls for chick: meat consumption in the wild Abstract   PDF
Caterina Ferrari, Matteo Cristiano
Vol 1 (1993): Autumn Alpine marmot (Marmota marmota, L.) Abstract   PDF
C. S. Mann, E. Macchi, G. Janeau
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Analyses of diets fed to babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) in captivity with respect to their nutritional requirements Abstract   PDF
K. Leus, C. A. Morgan
Vol 8 (2006): Autumn Analysis of spatio-temporal changes in the landscape pattern of the Taishan mountain Abstract   PDF
Luo Guo
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Anatomo-histopathological observation on the renal pathology in the Wild boar (Sus scrofa) Abstract   PDF
M. Caramelli, E. Bozzetta, W. Mignone, M. C. Bisso, E. Scanziani, A. M. Giusti, M. Castagnaro
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Ancient domestic pigs in the Urals (Russia) Abstract   PDF
V. N. Bolshakov, P. A. Kosintsev
Vol 7 (2003): Autumn Animali selvatici e zoonosi: aspetti di interesse pratico per gli operatori del settore in relazione al rischio biologico Abstract   PDF
C. Garbarino, M. Fabbi, L. Loli Piccolomini
Vol 7 (2003): Autumn Are rodents a potential reservoir for Leishmania infantum in Italy? Abstract   PDF
C. Di Bella, F. Vitale, G. Russo, A. Greco, C. Milazzo, G. Aloise, M. Cagnin
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Are Wild boars a future threat to the Swedish flora? Abstract   PDF
J. Welander
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Assessment of the present distribution of the Forest hog (Hylochoerus meinertzhageni) in Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
J. P. D’Huart, E. Yohannes
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Bacteriological examination of meat of Wild boars shot down in Piedmont and Liguria, Italy Abstract   PDF
L. Decastelli, V. Giaccone, W. Mignone
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Biometric data and growth rates of a mountain population of Wild boar (Sus scrofa L.), Ticino, Switzerland Abstract   PDF
M. Moretti
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Biometric data and growth rates of a Wild boar population living in the Italian Alps Abstract   PDF
U. Gallo Orsi, E. Macchi, A. Perrone, P. Durio
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Birth distribution, structure and dynamics of a hunted mountain population of Wild boars (Sus scrofa L.), Ticino, Switzerland Abstract   PDF
M. Moretti
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Body growth in a confined Wild boar population Abstract   PDF
S. Mattioli, P. Pedone
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Body size and growth patterns in Wild boars of Tuscany, Central Italy Abstract   PDF
P. Pedone, S. Mattioli, L. Mattioli
Vol 2 (1994): Autumn Brain lesions associated with infectious kerato-conjunctivitis in chamois and Alpine ibex Abstract   PDF
B. Bassano, E. Bollo, V. Peracino, F. Guarda
Vol 1 (1993): Autumn Capture and identification techniques of marmot on Mount Cimone (Northern Apennines) Abstract   PDF
L. Sala, C. Sola, A. Spampanato, P. Tongiorgi, M. Magnanini
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Cardiac pathology of the Sardinian Wild boar (Sus scrofa) with particular attention to endocardiosis Abstract   PDF
A. Leoni, A. M. Nieddu, E. Sanna, S. Pirino
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Conservation and research priorities for threatened suids of South and Southeast Asia Abstract   PDF
R. A. Blouch
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Conservation genetics of the genus Sus Abstract   PDF
E. Randi
Vol 7 (2003): Autumn Controllo sanitario di conigli selvatici nel Parco del Serio (Provincia di Bergamo) Abstract   PDF
A. Massone, L. Capucci, C. Macchi, S. Giovannini, A. Lavazza
Vol 3 (1995): Autumn Creating a public understanding of the biology of the babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) within a caring zoo environment Abstract   PDF
A.A. Macdonald, K. Leus
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