Cardiac pathology of the Sardinian Wild boar (Sus scrofa) with particular attention to endocardiosis

A. Leoni, A. M. Nieddu, E. Sanna, S. Pirino


The endocardiosis, occasionally worsened by valvular prolapse, has been often described in adult and young pigs. It has been observed that haemodynamics, immunological, genetic and constitutional factors are involved. 48 wild boars were examined. The animals were shot down in hunting season 1992-93 and came from the 4 sardinian districts. All the hearts were grossly examined and the cardiac valves were treated for light microscopy. We didn’t observe prominent lesions but small nodular and translucent thickening of the valvulare edge. No valve prolaps was present. Microscopic examination showed mixomatosis, oedema, metachromasia and Alcian-positivityin 27 mitralis (56.25%) and 6 tricuspis valves (12.5%). In 2 wild boars parietal endocarditis was also found.

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