A case of exceptionally sized cutaneous horn in Alpine chamois?

Chiara Lorenzetti, Luca Corlatti


We report the case of an adult female chamois Rupicapra rupicapra within the Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy), showing an abnormal horn-like growth hanging from the skin of the region between the right shoulder and the neck. Similar cases have previously been reported in both domestic and wild animals, including Alpine chamois. The singu- larity of this case lies in the remarkable size of the structure, normally much shorter and thinner. Based on macroscopic appearance of the mass, we hypothesise the occurrence of a cutaneous horn. In the absence of proper biopsy, however, we have no indications as for the origin of this abnormal growth.

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Journal of Mountain Ecology
The Journal of Mountain Ecology is an OPEN ACCESS peer reviewed journal published by the Gran Paradiso National Park.