Vol 4 (1997)


Table of Contents


Snow vole - Chionomys nivalis (Martins 1842) PDF
G. Janeau, S. Aulagnier
Lipoid pneumonia in the Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) PDF
F. Guarda, E. Bollo, E. Macchi
Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, Rodentia and Carnivora of the Gran Paradiso National Park: checklist and preliminary ecological characterization PDF
E. Patriarca, P. Debernardi
New survey of the bryophyte flora of the Gran Paradiso National Park and its immediate surroundings preliminary result PDF
R. Schumacker, Z. Soldán

Journal of Mountain Ecology
The Journal of Mountain Ecology is an OPEN ACCESS peer reviewed journal published by the Gran Paradiso National Park.