Space use by pen-raised Wild boars (Sus scrofa) released in Tuscany (Central Italy) - II: home range

P. Morini, L. Boitani, L. Mattei, B. Zagarese


The purpose of this study is investigating space occupation patterns shown by pen-raised wild boars released into the wild for restocking. Fourteeen pen-raised wild boars, released for restocking near Siena (Tuscany), were radiocollared and monitored from March 1990 to January 1991. Spatial exploration, determined by weekly convex polygons, chronological linked fixes, weekly geometric center trends and home range formation processes were studied for each individual. Total explorated and weekly used area (Minimum Convex Polygon method) were compared between sexes. Males and females displayed different space use. Total home ranges of males (mean area = 11.48 km2) were significantly (P<0.01) larger than those of females (mean area = 3.77 km). No significant differences (P>0.05) were found between used area and distance moved by males and females during first week. From second week on females concentrated their movement and stabilized their use of space while males were more explorative during the whole observation period.

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