The state of conservation of the Otter, Lutra lutra, in the French alps. What does the future hold?

Christian Arthur, Véronique Barthelémy


The Otter in France almost disappeared in the middle of the 20th century, due to trapping, poisoning, pollution and destruction of wetlands. It survives only in the western part of the country and in the Massif Central. The species disappeared first from the Alps and from most of the Pyrenees, and secondly in the plains. Since its protection in 1981, and with the application of a national recovery plan in 2010, the Otter has slowly recovered in the west
and south-west of the country and is currently recolonizing the mountainous areas. The Pyrenees are now almost completely reoccupied, but recovery in the Alps seems to be rather slow, although progressing. Here, we present the current distribution of the Otter in the Alps, together with an analysis of the potential for this part of the country. We consider also the future pressure the species is likely to encounter in this area.

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