Diet in a free ranging individual of Lutra lutra in Valsavarenche

Caterina Ferrari, Marco D'Alfonso, Valeria Moris, Andrea Battisti, Davide Giuliano


Food availability and abundance are major elements to investigate on when considering the suitability of an habitat for a species. In this study we analysed the diet of a single individual of Eurasian otter Lutra lutra who escaped from a conservation centre within the Gran Paradiso National Park. In this area Eurasian otter were present until late ’60, when conflicts with human lead the species to extinction. We found that the diet of the otter is based mainly on fishes, as it should be in nature. This is a first step to evaluate if this area could be suitable for the species.

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Journal of Mountain Ecology
The Journal of Mountain Ecology is an OPEN ACCESS peer reviewed journal published by the Gran Paradiso National Park.