New techniques for an old problem - Recent advances in Feral pig control in Australia

J. C. McIlroy


Feral pigs (Sus scrofa) are a major agricultural and environmental pest in Australia and pose a serious threat to the livestock industries through their potential role in spreading exotic diseases, such as foot and mouth disease. General methods of control used, such as 1080- poisoning, trapping and hunting, often do not provide the required reductions in population densities necessary to reduce impacts to acceptable levels or provide a high probabilityof potential success in eradicating outbreaks of exotic diseases in pigs. New techniques and strategies are discussed, such as shooting or poison-baiting from helicopters, and the use of anti-coagulant poisons, “Judas pigs”and oestrus sows, which can overcome these problems, and in some cases, result in the eradication of pigs or their temporary reduction to zero densities in some areas.

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