Management attempts of Wild boar (Sus scrofa L.): first results and outstanding researches in Northern Apennines (Italy)

A. Marsan, S. Spanò, C. Tognoni


Wild boar disappeared from Northern Apennines nearly in the middle of nineteenth century, during the period of greatest human density on hills and mountains. Its disappearance was mainly due to high competition from territory exploitation related to woody and agricultural activities. The species spread from south-eastern France to western Liguria causing damages to cultivations since 1926. In the province of Genoa, thanks to an hunting association logistic support and to the Provincial Administration financial help, beatings have been carried outfor three years (1990, 1991 and 1992) on selected area for a total of 7,000 ha with the cooperation of more than 600 volunteers per year. This in order to recognize numerical and structural changes in the present population. The comparison between these data and the number of hunted animals in the same years evidenced that the density of population is unaffected by heavy hunting pressure.

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